Adopt a kestrel box

If you would like to find any of CARRI’s future projects, please do so. Some of the projects CARRI is working on are as follows:

  1. Please donate for the purchase of plywood for the construction of more Barn Owl nest boxes. Each box will hopefully be placed in areas with WiFi access to broadcast the nesting activity. If so the money to purchase cameras and the price for internet access is needed.

  2. Extension poles to be placed near active Northern Goshawk, Northern Saw-whet Owl and Northern Pygmy-Owl nest sites. Each pole will have a digital camera with a video card attached to it. These cameras will need to be checked weekly during the nesting season to have the photos/videos taken from the card and an empty card replaced.

  3. The information on the cards will need to be downloaded and identified for the creation of videos and PowerPoint presentations.

  4. Cameras to be placed on the nets of the Northern Saw-whet Owl banding project that takes place every fall south of Estes Park. Using the cameras will enable us to watch the owls as they enter the nets. Knowing when the owls enter the nets will enable us to extract the birds as soon as they are captured. This will greatly minimize the stress of being captured.

  5. Wood that will be used to construct both American Kestrel and Eastern Screech Owl nest boxes.

  6. Money to pay for insurance and gas for the volunteers that will be checking the nest boxes/ cameras.

  7. Mist nets for various banding projects as our mist nets are getting old and worn.

  8. Aluminum poles for stretching mist nets.

  9. A storage shed that will be used for storing CARRI's materials.

  10. Night vision optics that will be used to monitor nocturnal species.

  11. Bird seed, such as millet and sunflower seed.

  12. Wood to construct a new crow trap as ours is several years old.

  13. Radio transmitter to be modified and used as a release for a large bow nest for trapping raptors.

If there is a specific project you want your money to go to, please specify in the “purpose” box.