Boreal Owl Research

The research that members of CARRI is doing with Boreal Owls has answered a number of questions:

  1. Boreal Owls do nest within Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP). The first active nest was found by members of CARRI in 2019!

  2. Boreal and Northern Saw-whet Owls live in harmony, with one another, RMNP.

  3. We capture Boreal Owls within RMNP every fall, yet have never recaptured a banded bird.

  4. Only male Boreal Owls give the distinctive winnowing call. The female gives a finch-like chirp.

  5. Boreal Owls only defend the nest tree, not a territory.

  6. Boreal Owls in RMNP prey upon voles, mice, gophers, shrews and birds up to the size of American Robins.

Below are some questions about this species that have yet been answered

  1. Where do Boreal Owls move to in the fall?

  2. What is the lowest elevation that Boreal Owls can be found nesting?

The video below is of the first ever Boreal Owlet in Rocky Mountain National Park!

It was captured in June 2019

Below is a video of a male vocalizing Owl vocalizing

BOREAL For web.jpg

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