The camera below is on the High Plains Environmental Centers property in  Loveland, Colorado.  According to Eric Blewitt,  High Plains environmental Natural Areas Manager,  Barn Owls have been in the area for several years.  

The owls were using an old very small next box that had never been cleaned. It was in rough shape and the owls needed something larger. Employees of the nature center built and placed the nest box that you see in the video.   

As you watch the live video, you will notice that all of the eggs laid this season have hatched and the family is doing great. Dad is a great provider and is doing his part in bringing in voles, mice and rabbits to the family.

It is common for the female Barn Owl to leave the nest prior to the owlets fledging, as this female has done.  She is often near buy and just roosting outside of the nest box during the day.

**We would like to thank The High Plains environmental Center, Rise Broadband and the Nest Company for there assistance with making this owl video possible. Without there generous donations, this video would not be possible.  Thank You all very much!

*****This camera is powered by solar panels and a battery. At times this system goes down for a variety of reasons including cloudy days and power outages. The camera is often fixed up and running within a few days.

If the video does not play on your  computer, just paste the following into your browser  and watch