The Barn Owls on the camera below are on the High Plains Environmental Center’s property in  Loveland, Colorado.  According to  High Plains Environmental natural areas staff,  Barn Owls have been in the area for several years.  We have been monitoring owls here since 2015.

The Barn Owls have fledged for 2019. They do periodically return to roost inside the Barn though.

The two images images with the blue ladders, show the difference between the original box (that was too small) and the one that is in place now. Since the larger box has been in place, the adult owls have raised many more owlets.

**We would like to thank The High Plains environmental Center and  Rise Broadband for their assistance with making this owl video possible. Without there generous donations, this video would not be possible.  Thank You all very much!

*****This camera is powered by solar panels and a battery. At times this system goes down for a variety of reasons including cloudy days and power outages. The camera is often fixed up and running within a few days.

The camera on the left is the image inside the box and the camera on the right is the view inside the Barn that the box is attached too.

*When the time comes to band the owlets in this box, we will be offering a seminar about the owls. Stay tuned for further information.