American Kestrels are the smallest falcons that nest in North America. Their numbers have been declining, due to predation by larger hawks and owls, disease and habitat loss.  

These little falcons readily take to nest boxes, therefore we have placed dozens of nest boxes for American Kestrels in Colorado from south Boulder to North Fort Collins and up in the mountains around Estes Park. 

The camera below, is in a nest box in Loveland.   The camera is placed at the top inside of the nest box and faces straight down on purpose.

Falcons and hawks defecate by shooting their feces over the edge of the nest.

For generations, American Kestrels have evolved to nest in cavities, yet still defecate in the same manor as other falcons and hawks. If we had the camera on the side of the box, as we do with the Barn Owls, the camera would get covered with excrement and be of no use. 

Therefore, we decided to make a very tall box and place the camera at the top looking down, so the camera would remain clean throughout the nesting cycle.

FYI...A normal clutch of eggs for American Kestrel is five and incubation is about 30 days. Both male and female take turns incubating.

The female laid her first egg on April 23rd at about 12:56 pm.

She laid her second egg on April 26th at about 2:45 PM.

She laid Third egg on April 27th at 4:15 PM.

She laid her fourth egg on April 29th at 4:30 pm.

She laid her fifth egg on May 2nd at 6:00 am.


We would like to thank the City of Loveland and Rise Broadband for making this live video possible.