This box was placed on City of Loveland property, in Colorado, in 2016.

In 2017, a pair of Barn Owls nested in this box and raised a single owlet.

Owls have been seen at and in the box beginning on 11 April 2018.

Barn Owls that use our boxes feed primarily upon voles, The male of this pair, however, has been bringing several young rabbits to the female. As with our other Barn Owls, voles are an important part of their diet and we will begin to see the male bringing more voles, as he depletes the rabbit population.

The camera on the left is the inside of the box and the camera on the right is the view of the top of the nest box.

When watching the nest box, you will see that the female is no longer in the box with the owlets. This is common practice for Barn Owls.

When the two or three owlets are about a month old, the female roosts outside the box during the day, but still assists feeding the young at night.  Some females do return to sit in the box with the young during the day, yet some don't. The male will continue feeding the young until they fledge and sometimes even after that.


We would like to thank Rise Broadband, and the city of Loveland Colorado for their contribution with enabling these cameras to be viewed on line.

*The Barn Owl portraits  (bottom two) were taken by Jon Ryeski